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University of Illinois
  • 2011 Abstracts and Presentations

    Keynote talk: “Water’s Four Horsemen; Nutrients, Hypoxia, Climate Change and Us”

    Otto Doering (Purdue U.)

    First session: Environmental Issues in Fields and Yards

    Land use consequences of crop insurance subsidies
    Ruiqing Miao,* David Hennessy, and Hongli Feng (Iowa State) Abstract

    The impact of ad-hoc disaster programs on the use of conservation practices
    Karina Schoengold* (U. of Nebraska), Ya Ding (UESTC, China), and Russell Headlee (U. of Nebraska) Abstract

    Farmers’ preferences for the design of carbon offset programs and willingness-to-change tillage practices
    Benjamin Gramig* (Purdue U.) Abstract

    Green with lawn envy: Spatial variation of water demand in Kelowna, British Columbia
    Johannus Janmaat* (U. of British Columbia – Okanagan) Abstract

    Second session: Corporations, Industries, and the Environment

    OPEC: Market failure or power failure?
    Robert Cairns* and Enrique Calfucura (McGill U.) Abstract

    Hitting the violators where it hurts? Stock market reaction to USEPA press releases
    Elisabeth Newcomb Sinha* (U. of MD), Lucija Muehlenbachs (RFF), and Nitish R. Sinha (UI – Chicago) Abstract

    Corporate incentives and nuclear safety
    Catie Hausman* (UC Berkeley)  Abstract

    Innovation under the Climate Wise program
    Keith Brouhle* (Grinnell), Brad Graham (Grinnell), and Donna Ramirez Harrington (U. of Vermont) Abstract

    Third session: Climate Change Economics and Policy

    Economic impacts of climate variability and climate change: Evidence from a quasi-experiment with Great Lakes levels
    Hsing-Hsiang Huang* and Michael Moore (U. of Michigan) Abstract

    Crop choices in the United States: Land quality, climate, and cultivar characteristics
    Soren Anderson*(Michigan State and NBER), Chenguang Wang, and Jinhua Zhao (Michigan State)

    On climate jumps and fat tails
    Charles Mason* (U. of Wyoming) and Neil Wilmot (U. of Minnesota – Duluth) Abstract

    Did high gas prices cause the housing crisis that caused the Great Recession? Theory and empirical evidence
    David Zilberman (UC Berkeley), JunJie Wu (Oregon State), and Steven Sexton* (UC Berkeley) Abstract

    Fourth session: Short papers

    Household fuel use and negative externalities in rural Bolivia
    Debra Israel* (Indiana State – Terra Haute) Abstract

    Evaluating the impact of protected areas on ecosystem services in Indonesia: In search of spatial complementaries
    Daniela Miteva*, Brian Murray, and Subhrendu Pattanayak (Duke U.) Abstract

    State parks as public goods: Public funding or user fees?
    Brian Vander Naald* and Trudy Ann Cameron (U. of Oregon) Abstract

    Social networks and non-market valuations
    Bruno Wichmann* (U. of Tennessee) Abstract

    Would emissions taxes smooth state government revenues over the business cycle?
    Michael Madowitz* (UC San Diego)  Abstract

    Information disclosure and strategic behaviors: Analysis from Mexican gas stations
    Andrea Martens*, Barrett Kirwan*, and Xian Liu (U. of Illinois) Abstract

    Luncheon and panel discussion
    “Corporate Environmental Strategies in Developing and Transition Economies”
    Dietrich Earnhart (U. of Kansas)
    Madhu Khanna (U. of Illinois)
    Thomas Lyon (U. of Michigan)

    Fifth session: Development and Conservation

    Does open space conservation increase neighboring development?
    Kate Zipp* (U. of Wisconsin), David Lewis (U. of Puget Sound), and Bill Provencher (U. of Wisconsin)  Abstract

    Time is money: An empirical examination of the dynamic effects of uncertainty on residential subdivision development
    Doug Wrenn* and Elena Irwin (Ohio State) Abstract

    Decentralization and governance given environment-development tradeoffs
    Alex Pfaff* (Duke U.), Juan Robalino (EfD Initiative/CATIE), and Diego Herrera (Duke U.)   Abstract

    Causal mechanisms of protected area impacts
    Merlin Hanauer* (Sonoma State) and Paul Ferraro (Georgia State)  Abstract

    Sixth session: Advances in Nonmarket Valuation

    Incorporating dynamic behavior into the hedonic model
    Kelly Bishop* and Alvin Murphy (Washington U.) Abstract

    Partial identification of hedonic demand functions
    Congwen Zhang* (Virginia Tech.), Nicolai Kuminoff (Arizona State), and Kevin Boyle (Virginia Tech.) Abstract

    Evaluating mitigation techniques for hypothetical bias in choice experiments
    Craig Broadbent* (IL-Wesleyan U.)  Abstract