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University of Illinois
  • 2017 Agenda

    Saturday September 30

    9:00 –  9:45     Registration and check in at Alice Campbell Alumni Center

    9:45 – 11:25    First session: Agriculture and Water

    • “Pesticides: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.” Frank Lupi (Michigan State)
    • “Variances: Regulatory Flexibility for Good or for Ill. ”Dietrich Earnhart (U Kansas), Sarah Jacobson* (Williams College), Yusuke Kuwayama (Resources for the Future), Richard Woodward (Texas A&M)
    • “Effect of Groundwater Restrictions on Farmers’ Water Use.” Nathan Hendricks (Kansas State) and Dietrich Earnhart* (U Kansas)
    • “Cost-effectiveness of Nutrient Loss Reduction from Working Lands Agricultural Conservation Expenditures. ” Shanxia Sun* (Purdue U), Benjamin Gramig (U Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Michael S. Delgado (Purdue U), Juan P. Sesmero (Purdue U)

    11:30 – 1:00    Luncheon and keynote talk

    Chris Timmins (Duke University): “What Is Environmental Justice and Why Economists Should Care”

    1:20 – 3:00      Second session: Social Costs of Energy

    • “Analyzing the Risk of Transporting Crude Oil by Rail.” Charles Mason* (U Wyoming)
    • “Private and Social Costs of Electricity Generation: Evidence from India.” Fiona Burlig* (U Chicago), Akshaya Jha (Carnegie Mellon U), Louis Preonas, (U California Berkeley)
    • “Air Quality, Human Capital Formation and the Long Term Effects of Environmental Inequality at Birth.” John L. Voorheis* (US Census Bureau)
    • “Considering the Nuclear Option: Hidden Benefits and Internalized Social Costs of Nuclear Power in the U.S.” David Adler,* Edson Severninin), and Akshaya Jha (Carnegie Mellon U)

    3:00 – 3:20      Break: coffee/tea and snack

    3:20 – 5:00      Third session: Energy Policy

    • “Heterogeneous Misperceptions of Energy Costs: Implications for Measurement and Policy Design.” Sebastien Houde (U Maryland), Erica Myers* (U Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
    • “Who Bears the Burden of Energy Taxes? The Role of Local Pass-Through.” Samuel Stolper* (U Michigan)
    • “Competition and Pass-Through of Input Cost Shocks: Evidence from the U.S. Fracking Boom.” Erich Muehlegger (U California Davis), Richard L. Sweeney* (Boston College)
    • “Natural Gas Elasticities and Optimal Cost Recovery Under Heterogeneity: Evidence from 300 Million Natural Gas Bills in California.” Maximilian Auffhammer and Edward Rubin* (U California Berkeley)

    5:00-6:00         Reception at Alice Campbell Alumni Center

    Sunday, October 1

    7:30 – 8:30      Continental Breakfast with Poster Displays Attended

    8:30 – 10:10    Fourth session: Urban and Hedonics

    • “Valuing Public Goods More Generally: The Case of Infrastructure.” David Albouy* (U Illinois Urbana-Champaign) and Arash Farahani, (NYC Independent Budgeting Office)
    • “The U.S. Coal-To-Gas Plant Conversion Process: Evidence from Air Pollution Reductions and Housing Market.” Nathaly Rivera* and Scott Loveridge (Michigan State)
    • “Response to Earthquake Fault Zoning in California.” Ruchi Singh (U Georgia)
    • “Burning Down the House: Distributional Effects of Responses to Natural Disasters and the Case of Wildfire.” Matthew Wibbenmeyer* and Andrew Plantinga (U California Santa Barbara) Randall Walsh (U Pittsburgh)

    10:10 – 10:30  Break: coffee/tea and snack

    10:30 – 11:50  Fifth session: Short Talks

    • “Market Power in Coal Shipping and Implications for U.S. Climate Policy.” Louis Preonas* (U California Berkeley)
    • “Energy Insecurity and Red-lined America.” Justin Kirkpatrick* (Duke U)
    • “Unwatched Pollution: The Effect of Intermittent Monitoring on Air Quality.” Eric Zou (U Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
    • “Forced Cooperation vs. Competitive Holdouts: Efficient Land Use Policies in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry.” Ashley Vissing (U Chicago)
    • “Within but Without: Involuntary Displacement and Economic Development.” Alice Tianbo Zhang (Columbia U)
    • “The Impact of Community Forest Concessions on Income: An Analysis of Communities Surrounding the Maya Biosphere Reserve.” Corinne Bocci* (Ohio State), Lea Fortmann (U Puget Sound), Brent Sohngen (Ohio State), Bayron Milián (U San Carlos)
    • “Translating Population Viability Analysis into a Dynamic Programming Framework to Facilitate Economic Intuition and Adaptive Management.” Pierce Donovan* and Michael Springborn (U California Davis)
    • “Integrating Farmers’ BMP Adoption Decision with Water Quality in Lake Erie.” Hongxing Liu* (Lafayette U), Wendong Zhang (Iowa State), Elena Irwin (Ohio State)

    12:00 – 1:30    Luncheon and panel discussion

     Spencer Banzhaf (Georgia State), Nick Kuminoff (Arizona State), Siqi Zheng (MIT): Urban environmental issues

    1:30 – 2:00      Break: coffee/tea

    2:00 – 3:40      Sixth session: Climate

    • “Moral Hazard, Forest Fires, and Adaptation to Climate Change.” Patrick Baylis (U British Columbia), Judson Boomhower* (U California San Diego)
    • “The Effects of Climate on Leisure Demand: Evidence from North America.” Nathan W. Chan* (U Massachusetts Amherst), Casey J. Wichman (Resources for the Future)
    • “Climate Change, Flood Risk, and Property Values: Evidence from New York City.” Matthew Gibson* (Williams College), Jamie T. Mullins (U Massachusetts Amherst), Alison Hill (Analysis Group)
    • “Who Joined the Pigou Club? A Postmortem Analysis of Washington State’s Carbon Tax Initiative I-732.” Soren Anderson (Michigan State)

    Selected Posters on Display at Heartland 2017

    • “Bioeconomic Feedbacks in Microeconometric Models of Pest Control Decisions: An Application to Largescale Adoption of Bt Corn in the U.S.” Serkan Aglasan*, Zachary Brown; and Roger von Haefen (NC State); Guanming Shi and Paul Mitchell (U Wisconsin Madison)
    • “The Environmental Insurance Trap”, Kevin Berry* (U Alaska) and Eli P. Fenichel (Yale U)
    • “Value-based Pricing in the Market for Third-party Owned Residential Solar PV Systems.” David A. Bielen,* Eric O’Shaughnessy, Benjamin Sigrin, and Robert Margolis (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
    • “Does Reducing Transaction Costs Affect Resource Allocation and Firm Production? – Evidence from Water Right Adjudications in Idaho.” Oliver Browne (U Chicago)
    • “Pass-Through of Increased Renewable Generation to the Price of Wholesale Electricity. ” Matthew Ridge Butner (U Colorado Boulder)
    • “Temporal Stability of Preferences: A Difference-in-Difference Analysis of Preferences for Improved Firewood Stoves in Ethiopia.” Sahan T. M. Dissanayake* and Randy Bluffstone (Portland State); George Voigt, Abbie Cooper and Dan LaFave (Colby College); Abebe Damte Beyene (Environmental Economics Policy Forum for Ethiopia (EEPFE)); Zenebe Gebreegziabher (EEPFE and Mekelle University); Alemu Mekonnen (EEPFE and Addis Ababa University); Peter Martinsson (U Gothenburg); Michael Toman (World Bank)
    • “Effects of Dust Storms on Health and Economic Output.” Timothy Foreman* (Columbia U)
    • “Welfare Impacts of Optimal Virtual Bidding in a Multi-Settlement Electricity Market with Transmission Line Congestion.” Hyungkwan Kim,* Paul V. Preckel, and Andrew L. Liu (Purdue U); Douglas Gotham (State Utility Forecasting Group)
    • “Estimating temporal preferences in a developing country: The case of a payments for ecosystem program in Panama.” Patrick Lloyd-Smith* and Wiktor Adamowicz (U Alberta); Alicia Entem (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute); Eli Fenichel and Mani Rouhi Rad (Yale U)
    • “Floodplain Designation and Property Values: Johnson Creek Watershed, Oregon.” Noelwah R. Netusil* and Zichen Cui (Reed College)
    • “Poisoned by Policy: The Impact of the Flint Water Crisis on Political Participation.” Kate Pennington* (U Calfornia Berkeley)
    • “Lost in Space: The Economic Dynamics of Orbital Mechanics.” Akhil Rao* and Giacomo Rondina (U Colorado Boulder)
    • “Estimating the Impact of the USDA Conservation Reserve Program on Aquifer Levels.” Dylan Riley,* Taro Mieno, and Karina Schoengold (U Nebraska Lincoln)
    • “Water Rights Markets: Welfare Effects from Trading Under the Impact of Climate Change.” Renata Rimsaite* and Karen A. Fisher-Vanden (Penn State); Sheila M. Olmstead (UT Austin)
    • “Political Tenure Stability and Air Quality: a Study of Chinese Cities.” Chun Song*, Juan Sesmero, and Michael Delgado (Purdue U)
    • “Estimating Agricultural Acreage Responses to Input Prices: Groundwater in California.” Andrew W. Stevens* (Mississippi State)
    • “Incentives to Invest, Storable Permits, and Transaction Costs: An Application to the U.S. Acid Rain Program.” Yuta Toyama* (Northwestern U)
    • “The Impact of Fracking on Road Deaths: Evidence from Oil and Gas Operations in North Dakota.” Minhong Xu and Yilan Xu (U Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
    • “Increasing Sea Surface Temperature Reduces US Scallop Growth Rates: Econometric Models of Fishery and Climate Change.” Seong Do Yun* (Mississippi State); Brian Reed and Eli P. Fenichel (Yale U); Malin L. Pinsky (Rutgers U)